Adam Brumer

Adam Brumer marries his on-the-ground and systems-level experiences to help education leaders design and implement initiatives that improve teaching and learning at scale. Most recently, Adam has worked with state education leaders through the USED’s Reform Support Network, advocacy organizations through the High Quality Assessment Project, and teachers and nonprofit leaders through

Adam’s commitment to our work is personal. While attending an over-crowded Los Angeles high school he won a Posse Scholarship to attend Grinnell College and, after graduating, spent four years working with students and educators in New Orleans through Teach For America. While Adam started out as a teacher, he later managed an $8.2 million grant at the Louisiana Department of Education aimed at increasing coherence among the state’s academic standards, assessments and educator effectiveness initiatives. In addition, he led the design and implementation of the data platform thatall Louisiana educators use to set goals, conduct observations and share feedback.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys teaching Krav Maga (self-defense), jogging around a local bayou and serving on the Posse New Orleans Advisory Board as well as Posse’s national alumni council. He also loves including odd (yet relevant) YouTube clips in his emails to clients and much prefers grilling on a charcoal Webster to farm-to-table dining.

Adam's expertise

  • College and Career Ready Expectations
  • Educator Evaluation, Support and Development
  • Grantmaking Strategy & Effectiveness
  • Planning & Problem Solving for Successful Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Writing

Recent clients

  • High Quality Assessment Project (HQAP)
  • U.S. Department of Education’s Reform Support Network (Integration and Sustainability Work Group)
  • Chalkboard Project (Oregon)

Adam likes

  • brumer-new-orleans
    Bayou St. John (New Orleans, LA)

  • Teaching self-defense