Alex Nunez
Executive Assistant

Alex joined Education First in 2017 as a seasoned Executive Assistant. He brings an overachieving personality with a knack for over-delivering (like learning Brazilian Portuguese to be able to communicate with family members of the person he supports). He likes to view himself as the “Alfred” who supports a team of education superheroes.

Prior to joining Education First, Alex supported top Executives in South Florida at Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean and Eastman-Kodak. He also spent time at a Cox Media Group station where–despite no previous experience in radio–he worked his way up to Producer for “Those 2 Girls in the Morning,” a popular morning show in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale media market.

Alex is passionate about education and knows that a solid foundation will provide real-world results: science can combat climate change; civics teaches the importance of government and voting; history gives us a lens to learn from our mistakes and the arts make life beautiful.


Alex's expertise

  • Getting Stuff Done
  • Executive Support
  • Administration
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Project Management


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Basic Brazilian Portuguese

Alex likes

  • Any comic book adaptation in TV, movies, gaming, and literature

  • Loves technology and learning the latest software and technological products