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Proximate Leadership: What Is It, and Why Does it Matter?

If you work in education, there’s a term you may have been hearing more and more recently: “proximate leadership.” While this term is becoming increasingly common, its meaning and importance are not commonly understood. To better define proximate leadership and...
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Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) Toolkit

In partnership with NewSchools Venture Fund and The Broad Center, we are pleased to announce the release of a Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) Toolkit. This research-backed toolkit is designed to help districts, and CIOs, make strategic decisions about their needs....
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Culturally Centered Education: A Primer

Efforts to make student experiences more reflective of diverse racial, ethnic and linguistic groups have been around for decades. However, our nation’s ongoing reckoning with racial injustice has created a sense of urgency to ensure learning environments provide grade-level and...
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