Robert Medina
Senior Consultant

Robert Medina has deep experience in landscape analysis, social and emotional learning, and strategic planning for nonprofit and philanthropy clients. Since joining Education First, he advised the College Futures Foundation on social and emotional strategies to help young men of color make successful transitions to college, and partnered with the Nellie Mae Education Foundation to design, launch and manage a network of state-based alliances in New England working to build public demand for college and career readiness in their states.

Robert’s personal history informed his decision to pursue a career in education. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Robert and his family moved to central New Jersey when he was ten. The transition was tough at times – culturally, socially and linguistically – but this move allowed Robert and his younger sister to enroll in a public school district with excellent teachers and plenty of resources for them to explore their academic interests. Robert believes all students deserve the kind of support he received growing up.

Prior to Education First, Robert led stakeholder engagement for the Division of Data, Accountability and Research at the District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education and evaluated advocacy campaigns for the Aspen Institute’s Planning and Evaluation Program. He earned a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA from the University of California, Berkeley. After work hours, he enjoys taking classes at his neighborhood’s yoga studio and jogging the streets of his home city, Sacramento, CA.

Robert's expertise

  • Research, Program Analysis & Program Strategy
  • College- & Career-Ready Teaching & Learning Strategy
  • Grantmaking Strategy & Effectiveness
  • Educator & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communication & Advocacy

Recent clients

  • Nellie Mae Education Foundation
  • College Futures Foundation
  • Southern Regional Education Board
  • NoVo Foundation
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Robert likes

  • Visiting family in Peru

  • Hiking