• Education First.

    Our children’s futures depend on us following through to identify smart solutions to public education’s toughest challenges.

  • Experience First.

    Our team brings deep, practical expertise earned through on-the-ground experience as former teachers, district and state leaders, policy advisors and foundation staff.

  • Quality First.

    We understand the complexity of education in the United States—from the classroom to national policy—and know how to navigate it.

  • Results First.

    We deliver results: better policies, better implementation, better grantmaking and broader understanding.



We live in a fast-moving world driven by knowledge, innovation and creativity. Our nation’s schools are adapting to these changes—but much remains to be done. We need a culture change in public education to transform the way we teach, lead and learn.

Education First can help. We are a mission-driven strategy and policy organization with unique and deep expertise in education improvement. We partner with practitioners, policymakers, funders and advocates to design and accelerate policies and plans that help all young people— particularly students in poverty and students of color—succeed in college, careers and life.

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This case study appears in our publication Partnering on Prep: A Toolkit for Building Strong District-Teacher Preparation Program Partnerships. You can access the full publication here. Effective partnerships often start with a mutual recognition that things need to change. Though Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) and Fresno State University (FSU) had been longtime neighbors, they agreed on a crucial point: it was...
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