Follow Through is the New Innovation

In public education, it’s often easy to move on to the next big idea. We believe, instead, in making sure we finish what we’ve started—that’s the only way to achieve results for young people. In fact, our mantra is that follow through is the new innovation. To continue supporting students and teachers to meet high standards, building stronger schools and systems and increasing capacity in public education, our clients need creative strategies, innovative solutions, pragmatic implementation and smarter collaboration.

Experience. Quality. Results.

We offer our clients a seasoned team of trusted advisors to deliver what many Americans want most: public education that effectively prepares all students for success in college, careers and a world of constant change.

Our goal for all of our engagements is simple: Leave our clients better off than before—with more capacity, better ideas, smoother implementation and real results.

Experience: We are practitioners, first and foremost.

Our team brings deep, practical expertise earned through on-the-ground experience as former teachers, district and state leaders, advocates, policy advisors and foundation staff. Because of our experience, we are humble about the challenges our clients face and realistic about the work needed to make a difference.

Quality: We craft premium solutions based on deep knowledge and trusted relationships.

We understand the complexity of education in the United States—from the classroom to national policy—and know how to navigate it. We rely on our deep knowledge and trusted relationships to develop solutions that bridge the gap between visionary leadership and pragmatic implementation.

Results: We deliver breakthrough results and set our clients up for success.

We know how to make real change happen and stick. We partner not just on what the solution should be, but on what it will take to turn a well-crafted plan into real impact for students.

Our Approach

We are thought partners with our clients. We value relationships that are grounded in honesty and inquiry because we believe that an open exchange of ideas, supported by careful vetting, will produce dynamic results. We encourage our clients to think expansively yet be pragmatic; to take smart but reasonable risks; to learn from others; and to follow through from great ideas to successful implementation.

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