Join our team and accept "the deal"

At Education First, we invest in finding and supporting unparalleled talent around the country. Our team aspires to be the most trusted and effective education consultants in the nation, and we do that by hiring and investing in the absolute best talent we can find. We offer great benefits and work-life balance and want you to bring your most authentic self to our work. Regardless of your title, we give everyone a voice in our strategy and decisionmaking, and strive to make this a place you’re happy and proud to be part of every day. It’s no wonder why 97 percent of our staff rate their colleagues as being among the best with whom they have ever worked.

In exchange for providing you with ample opportunities to shine and learn, we ask for your very best work, to push yourself to go above and beyond for clients and to truly serve them. We want every individual to contribute to the success of the firm by building deep relationships with clients and colleagues, coaching and supporting your teammates, sharing your authentic selves, and voicing your ideas.

We are also committed to building our staff and broader organizational capacity to lead on issues of equity, and to increase diversity and inclusion at all levels of the firm. We believe intentional development work must be done at three levels: 1) with individual staff on their own implicit biases and identity development; 2) at the organizational level to analyze and redesign systems that could otherwise mirror the inequities we seek to dismantle and to nurture our inclusive, vibrant culture; and 3) with our clients to ensure they focus on equity as an integral component of their work, from the stakeholders they engage in decisionmaking to the lenses they use to analyze their challenges. You can read more about our Race, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (RIDE) strategy here.

This is the deal you agree to when you accept an offer at Education First. We provide a fun place to work, with great benefits, work-life balance and a culture that will help you take advantage of your individual strengths. In exchange, you must bring to work each day your best thinking and writing, your commitment to growth and helping others around you succeed, and your fun and authentic self.

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Careers at Education First by the numbers


Ed First Staff Infographic

Career growth at Education First

We offer multiple career pathways to flex your leadership skills. We want you to stay and be in a role that you find fulfilling and that maximizes your contributions to our firm and clients! We believe we do our best when we are focused on work that matters, are clear about what success looks like and are empowered to be ourselves each day. In practice, this means:

All employees are expected to raise their voices and offer ideas and solutions, and everyone has opportunities to stretch their skills and talents. Your title does not determine your role on a project or in the firm overall. For example, while analysts typically lead research, some also manage projects and work directly with clients; senior consultants and consultants might often play the role of project manager, but they can also be the project team’s researcher or accountable project lead.

We insist on doing work that matters and we provide each other with the support and encouragement we need to deliver on our mission and vision. We define and support excellence for delivery to our clients through our quality deliverable rubric (which sets expectations for our writing, content and design), project exemplar library, writing guides, and our strategic planning and project methodology frameworks. Team members regularly host knowledge-sharing calls on topics ranging from education policy on the campaign trail to assessment and student learning objectives to Twitter 101. We know that much of our motivation to become smarter and sharper is due to the strong mission-driven nature of our team. In a recent survey of our team, 93 percent shared they go to work each day doing work that matters.

Ed First Competency Model


We understand what excellence looks like in our roles and we own our own growth. Professional learning and reflection is a top priority. We provide project-embedded feedback using tools such as our competency model (which defines excellence for every title in the organization), our quality rubric and our online feedback platform (which enables colleagues to provide formative feedback to each other). We develop skills in all-staff development sessions at our biannual retreats, new staff orientation and onboarding, analyst retreat and other role-alike professional learning communities. We also pair every team member with a “champion” who helps each person grow and succeed.

We promote talent when you’re ready and have met expectations. We don’t bother with arbitrary rules that hinder you reaching your full potential. There’s no waiting period for beginning the conversation about where your career can head at Education First. Individuals who meet our rigorous performance expectations are promoted when they’re ready, not only at the end of a year. We don’t stack-rank or pit team members against each other; if you’re ready to excel in the next level, you’re promoted! If you’re not yet ready, we are transparent about that and help you identify the actions you can take to get there or the experiences you’ll need in education to make it to our next promotion level.

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